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If you are looking for a truck hire in Dublin, you have come to the right place. Dublin Van Rental provides truck hire solutions for truck operators in Ireland. Both short term and long-term truck hire can be arranged from a single day to a whole year.

With vast experience spanning over decade, Dublin has led the way in independent truck hire in Dublin. Dublin Truck Rental continues to lead the way today with flexible rental options, hire services, competitive rental rates with a fleet of reliable trucks. In short, we provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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Well-equipped trucks for hire

It’s important for businesses to work with a flexible vehicle hire provider that can meet their unique needs. We have the capability and flexibility to meet the most challenging demands to keep you on the road.

Dublin Van Rental offers different types of trucks for you to choose from. We offer truck rental for various requirements. You can rely on us for:

Huge vehicles for huge loads

We have great rates on truck rentals at multiple locations to serve all of your needs. These vehicles are ideal solutions for individuals or businesses that require a large vehicle to move huge loads.

Refrigerated truck hire

We have a wide range of refrigerated trucks that uses the latest cold chain technology and meets the highest quality standards.

Short and long-term commercial vehicle hire

​​Maximize your fleet’s flexibility with short-term options for companies with existing long-term fleet vehicles. We have awesome commercial rental solutions to meet your business needs.

Experienced team

​​We have years of driving experience within the private industry and undergo extensive training and testing before working with us.

Short term truck rental

Whatever the weather, our trucks are up to the job and will be a perfect fit for your business needs, for as long as you need it for. If you need a truck for a short period of time and don’t want to commit to anything long term, a short-term rental might be the right option for you.

Here are the benefits of a short-term truck rental.

  • Taking on temporary trial staff
  • Starting up a new business venture
  • Replacing tired, existing company cars
  • Staff visiting
  • Waiting for new vehicles to be delivered
  • Vehicle for temporary projects
  • Seasonal work

Long term truck rental 

Along with our short-term truck rental, we offer great rates on our long-term offers. If you are unsure about purchasing a truck, a longer-term rental is a smart choice.

Here are the benefits of a long-term truck rental.

  • No termination penalties
  • No long term commitments
  • Have vehicles when you want them for as long as you need them
  • Get a new vehicle every 3-5 months
  • The price we quote includes all servicing and routine maintenance costs
  • Get the latest makes and models

Choose The Perfect Van & Truck

Our moving trucks can handle a wide range of loads. Whether you are moving just yourself into a new apartment or your whole family into a new house, we have the truck size that will make packing easy and economical. Our smallest van can take one or two rooms-worth of your possessions and our biggest truck can carry up to the equivalent of nine rooms of your belongings. Not only you can choose the size that’s most convenient for you, but our trucks can come with pull-out ramps, power-lift gates, and e-track rails. Trust Dublin Van Rental to make your move as efficient as possible. After all, we have a range of vans and trucks – no matter the size or type of vehicle you want or need, we are sure to have it ready for you when you make a request.



Curtainside Truck Hire



  • This Truck Up to 45m³. 2500 Kgs. 1,500 Kgs – 2,000 Kgs option. 150BHP – 220BHP. Day Cab

Box Body Truck Hire



  • This Truck Up to 45m³. 2500 Kgs. 1,500 Kgs – 2,000 Kgs option. 150BHP – 220BHP. Day Cab

Fridge Truck Hire



  • This Truck Up to 45m³. 2500 Kgs. 1,500 Kgs – 2,000 Kgs option. 150BHP – 220BHP. Day Cab

14,000 Kgs Truck Hire



  • This Truck Up to 45m³.14,000 Kgs. 9,500 Kgs – 16,000 Kgs option. 150BHP – 220BHP. Day Cab

7,500 Kgs Truck Hire



  • This Truck Up to 45m³. 7,500 Kgs. 6,500 Kgs – 9,000 Kgs option. 150BHP – 220BHP. Day Cab

12,000 Kgs Truck Hire



  • This Truck Up to 45m³. 12,000 Kgs. 9,500 Kgs – 14,000 Kgs option. 150BHP – 220BHP. Day Cab

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Dublin Van Rental is a Dublin-based commercial vehicle hire and rental business with an extensive experience serving the Dublin market. 

Our success is based on our ability to orient our products and services to the needs of the customers. Our expert team is always on hand to advice you on the best option to take for your business whether that is a short-term truck rental, a long term van or taking a full fleet of trucks on contract hire. We are a dependable partner for your business.


VW Transporter

Peugeot Boxer EX-LWB

Mitsubishi Warrior

Citroen Relay LWB Diesel

Professional service

Boasting our experience in the transport industry, we aim to provide flexible and individual rental arrangements.

Reliable vehicles and service

All our vehicles are professionally maintained and undergo a strict quality check to ensure our vehicles perform as expected. We offer a variety of vehicles suited for any budget and occasion.

Online reservation and payment

Make a reservation online and pick-up your van or truck rental at your most convenient time. Easy and fast booking. No hidden extra charges.

Affordable rates

We have great rates on our range of vehicles including trucks and vans. We also have got a range of well-equipped vehicles available. Find the vehicle to suit your needs and we’ll help you find a solution. 

Flexible vehicle hire

We have developed a flexible vehicle hire solution that combines the guaranteed cost of fixed-term hire with the freedom of short term hire. Fleet capacity doesn’t have to be permanent either. 

Proudly Dublin owned

As a locally owned and operated business, we endeavour to manage customers’ requirements at any time.